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Our Features

Paycoinly platform provides a system that would accomodate all type of users with the features below;


Paycoinly as a Semi-Decentralized platform which gives the community more options to rule, manage and control compared to other payment systems

Send and Recieve Money

With a Paycoinly email address or account number, users can easily send money and receivers can easily withdraw from the list of Approved Merchants on the platform.

Cryptocurrency & Fiat

We are adding more than 300 payment options where users can fund and withdraw from. This will enable users pay easily with their most preferred payment option

Plugins & API

Users can easily add the payment plugins to their Wordpress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, e.t.c website. Also, developers would be able to connect via API

Global Access

Registration to the Paycoinly platform would be opened to users Globally. The access to Paycoinly for both users and Merchants would be based on interest.


During registration, users can only select one primary currency but would be able to send to more than 200 other currencies easily without any conversion issue.

Paycoinly is a peer to peer payment system that makes it possible for anyone to receive and transfer cash and cryptocurrencies easily. We are reducing the complexity into one dashboard also increasing global adoption for all cryptocurrencies using the peer to peer system.

Paycoinly has a primary coin called the Paycoinly Coin (PACY). Every balance on the wallet is backed by cash which makes it possible for users to be able to spend funds thereby eliminating cash volatility.

Users don’t need to worry about how they would get PACY to fund their account on Paycoinly, we are simplifying the whole process for them to store cash and spend cash so that they can fully use the Paycoinly system without much technicalities. But indirectly, they are actually storing and spending converted PACY. This is possible with the help of Merchants who are funding and withdrawing for exchange profits. There are two methods towards using Paycoinly and its coin PACY. If you store funds on Paycoinly.com, then you are storing FIAT. Users who want to store PACY as an equity coin itself can do so by buying the coin itself.

Spend, Send and Withdraw Cryptocurrencies easily with PayCoinly!.

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Paycoinly's primary focus is on how we can spend, send, receive and withdraw all payment options in one place easily. Paycoinly will accomodate all users, either all Fiat or all Cryptocurrency usage. The Paycoinly IDEA in a line;

There is a very unique way to fund and withdraw on Paycoinly. Paycoinly uses the Merchant system to accomplish the funding and the withdrawal process. Merchants are able to list which payment method they can offer, thereby increasing the number of funding and withdrawal options available.

This method is referred to as “Peer to Peer”. This is regarded as the most successful way to quickly move cash from one person to the other and Paycoinly has adopted this method for funding and withdrawals. During funding or withdrawals, the whole process is automatically Escrowed so that all parties would be fully protected.

Escrow payment are quite secured and safe making sure that both parties are protected. A simple illustration would be; User want to load wallet worth 5,000EUR then he checks which Merchant offers funding in his local currency and preferred payment method, after identifying such merchant he clicks to view the merchant's listing offer and terms. The next step is to initiate a trade and send funds to the Merchant, then Merchant confirms payment and then releases funds which goes to the user’s Paycoinly wallet balance.

Incase of dispute and escalated for intervention, we shall duly verify all payments from all parties and make a decision to either release the funds to the user or cancel trade. This method has been proven to be safe, reliable and easy to use.

It's very easy to transfer funds on Paycoinly. Payments are received immediately and recipients can also withdraw anytime. It's free to send and receive money on Paycoinly and it's always available for every user. There are no barriers towards funds transfer, users can send payments to any user with any currency and to any Country.

On Paycoinly, you can only select one currency as your primary currency which funds are received to and where funds are also sent from. This does not limit the funds that can be received, you can receive funds from any user and from any currency where the same value will be received without any conversion profit deducted.

Currency Conversions on Paycoinly is free, the official conversion rates are used so that the main value for the product sold will remain the same even when converted. So, if a seller want to receive 5EUR, this means that all users who are sending the funds will send at the official exchange rate without any addition and the seller will receive exactly 5EUR without any fees.

This would be the most effective solution towards Money transfer services as funds would be sent same day Internationally! The main reason why the Paycoinly project was created was to improve International transfers and also reduce fees. Paycoinly becomes the best method if you want to send funds abroad or you want to pay a supplier or Manufacturers in other Countries e.t.c. This becomes very possible with third party transfers.

The illustration below explains it in details;
John is from Europe and want to send the sum of 5,000,000CNY to a supplier in China, so John funds his Paycoinly account with the equivalent in EUR (assuming his primary currency is EUR) then he files for withdrawal and select Merchants who send funds locally in China, the exact amount is selected and John’s supplier will receive the exact amount in CNY which he has funded on Paycoiny.

The illustration above can be completed in few minutes. This could take between 10mins to 30mins at most. This process makes it possible for cross border payments if the supplier or receiving merchant or seller will accept third party payments.

Since the Paycoinly idea can only be accomplished with Merchants, in other to reduce risk and increase trust for the Paycoinly Market place, all Merchants must be verified before they can offer funding & withdrawal services. This is very important and there is a compulsory verification before you can become a Merchant on Paycoinly.

Verification does not guarantee safety that’s why we also introduced the Escrow system each time a Merchant want to transact with a user or vice versa. The security of both the Merchant and the User is extremely dear to us and we would do everything possible in making sure every transaction on Paycoinly is safe, secure and free to use.

Paycoinly does not provide after payment service that’s why we critically warn Merchants who are receiving payments on reversible payment methods that they are absolutely doing that on their own risk. Paycoinly does not provide support to Merchants after a transaction has been marked as COMPLETED, anything that happens after then is between the Merchant and the User. Funds on Paycoinly are final and irreversible and this is shown before and during transfers are made. Please read the terms and conditions for more information about this.

The funds value on Paycoinly.com are not affected by the increase or decrease in demand, if balance is 400EUR balance remains 400EUR even after 4 years. Funds loaded on Paycoinly are fully backed by cash. This means they are not volatile and they are real cash stored electronically.

Understanding It Better: Paycoinly has its primary coin called PACY which is the Paycoinly Coin, the converted value of PACY is what is actually being used as exchange on Paycoinly.com as real cash.

PACY is an Equity coin which is traded via our custom Equity Trading dashboard. Price here is fully determined by the relationship between demand and supply. Those who store PACY are entitled to the general profit-sharing ratio of Paycoinly and all its sub projects. PACY is not a means of exchange and cannot be regarded as a coin for payment of goods and services, it is purely traded for Equity ownership on Paycoinly.

Equity are paid Monthly and are paid directly to the wallets of those who own PACY which can be withdrawn via Paycoinly or used for other purposes. PACY is transferable via the Equity Trading system which is currently on development.

The total of 1Billion PACY has been generated as the total supply which infers to 100% total share profit. As the value reduces the total PACY in supply is recalculated. Example, for the launch of the platform by March 2nd 2020, the sum of 1,000,000 (1 Million PACY) will be sold to Merchants for start-up capital to fund User’s wallet and also help withdraw. The sum of 1M PACY will be backed by cash which would be transferred to the Paycoinly Wallet for usage and then 1Million PACY would be burnt leaving total supply remaining as 999,000,000 PACY which also indicates 100% as remaining Equity but the 0.1% burnt is treated as BURNT VALUE and no Equity is paid for it anymore.

When an equity owner wishes to convert his PACY to cash, its done via transferring the equivalent funds to his or her Paycoinly Wallet where those funds can then be used for whatever purpose and then the value in PACY is burnt since it has been converted to cash, though the overall Equity for all other Equity owners remains the same as the value is accumulated to other BURNT VALUES.

Except from making Monthly profits as an Equity owner, profits can still be made from selling PACY to new users who want to own some part of the coin and in this process the value would either increase or decrease. Example; If 1 PACY was initially sold for 1GBP and you purchase 500PACY, you could put let’s say 200PACY for sale at 2.05GBP and if someone pays for it, then the next selling price for PACY remains at 2.05GBP until when someone sells again at a lower price or vice versa.

PACY is not a recognised payment option on Paycoinly until its converted to cash. Converted cash only are spendable on Paycoinly and they are non-Volatile. The sales for PACY would commence by August 2020, please Join our Telegram channel for more information and news.

The Paycoinly idea has been structured to succeed in our everyday finance world where lots and lots of Cryptocurrencies and new payment systems are launched daily. We are simply building a platform where all these payment methods can eventually be used by the community who supports them. Our team members are forever committed towards the development and the accomplishment of the project called Paycoinly.