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Paycoinly is a peer to peer electronic payment system (Crypto & Fiat), which enables anyone with
a Paycoinly account accept and send payment online with over 300 Payment methods. Paycoinly requires
Merchant activities for account funding & withdrawals. Apply to become a Merchant today and enjoy
up to 70% startup funding discount before launch.

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About Paycoinly

Paycoinly's primary focus is how easily we can transfer, spend, pay and withdraw cash payments Globally. Paycoinly will accommodate all users, either all Fiat or all Cryptocurrency usage. Read the White Paper For A Detailed Info. We are making it possible for you to store all type of payments and funding into one account and then easily spend & withdraw.

No more payment restriction issues when you want to receive payment from clients, they can easily fund their account on Paycoinly with their payment choice and you withdraw your Paycoinly funds to your payment choice also. We are building a system that would accommodate all type of users with the features below;



Paycoinly as a Semi-Decentralized platform which gives the community more options to rule, manage and control compared to other payment systems.

Send and Recieve Money

With a Paycoinly email address or account number, users can easily send money and receivers can easily withdraw from the list of Approved Merchants on the platform.

Cryptocurrency & Fiat

We are adding more than 300 payment options where users can fund and withdraw from. This will enable users pay easily with their most preferred payment option

Plugins & API

Users can easily add the payment plugins to their Wordpress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, e.t.c website. Also, developers would be able to connect via API.

Global Access

Registration to the Paycoinly platform would be opened to users Globally. The access to Paycoinly for both users and Merchants would be based on interest.


During registration, users can only select one primary currency but would be able to send to more than 200 other currencies easily without any conversion fee.

Become A Merchant On Paycoinly

Merchants are those who would be involved in the daily funding & withdrawals for users via a secured Escrowed transactional payment system.
You would be able to resell at your own rate & at your own payment option setting your own rules for those who want to use your channel for funding. Read the White Paper For More Info. Merchants must be approved before they can be issued this right on Paycoinly. The profits you can make with Paycoinly is unimaginable as you can freely set your own commission and also make profit when you withdraw for users also.

  • Earn up to €5,000 in profits weekly as a Merchant on Paycoinly
  • Accept local payments or any payment option that you trust
  • Work from home and make profits just accepting and releasing payment.
  • Become a recognised Merchant on Paycoinly.

Watch the video presentation.

As a Merchant on Paycoinly you are sure of safe transactions as you can easily block, reject, terminate a fraudulent trade or escalate trade to Paycoinly for Trade dispute.

The Escrow funding process is to protect both the Merchant & the Users. This also increases trust in the whole process of funding and withdrawal.

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Merchant's Amazing Features

The Merchant's dashboard is quite easy to navigate and control. Some of the features to expect are as follows.

Set-Up Trade

Setting up your trade is pretty simple, here you would create a listing offer where users can see your funding rate, e.t.c

Trade Histories

View all your trade histories as far back as 3 years old. You would be able to keep track of all your old trades on Paycoinly


The Escrow system protects both the Merchant and the user so that trades (funding & withdrawal) on Paycoinly can be fully trusted.


Information and files are transfered on a secured protocol with detailed concentration on website security and files protection.

Local Currency

There are over 200 currencies users can select from, this would increase global participation and easy adaptation among all users.

Global Trade

Paycoinly is opened to all users from all part of the world, verified or not verified users can use Paycoinly securely.


Why You Should Be A Paycoinly Merchant.

Paycoinly is changing the way payment is done all over the world. We want to achieve a community system of payment where people send money to people easily from one location to the other. There are obvious reasons why Paycoinly will succeed, some of the reasons have been listed below;

  • Paycoinly is a payment system that accommodates all other payment methods.
  • Merchants can set how much they want to sell their funds to other Merchants or users on Paycoinly.
  • Merchants can make up to €500 in profits only from one trade.
  • Paycoinly is both Cryptocurrency and Fiat friendly. Users can independently select which payment method they want.
  • When sending money, users never have to worry about conversion issue, Paycoinly uses the official exchange rates for all currencies.
  • Its free to send money from one user to the other, its also free to withdraw, receive or convert
  • Your funds on Paycoinly are real cash which can be withdrawn from available Merchants any day any time!
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